Benefits Communication Network

Experience Counts...

BCN was formed in 1988 to assist public safety members in all areas concerning employee benefits. BCN is now under contract with more than 100 police and fire bargaining groups statewide, representing well over 20,000 individual clients (we extend our services to all retired members). Each year we assist with over 200 retirements, 50 death claims, and 100 of the most serious disability cases, including those that ultimately force retirement.

At the association level we have helped dozens of bargaining groups to negotiate and implement PERS contract enhancements: 21548 (pre-retirement Option 2), 21427 (enhanced non-job disability pension), 20636(c)(4) (9% reported as special compensation), 414(h)(2) (9% added pre-tax to base salary), PERS Health using cafeteria plans, and the PERS 3% @ 50 Safety formula. A clear way to help individual members is to improve their benefits over time, and for many of these issues we sit right at the negotiation table as part of our basic service.

Planning Matters...

Since 1994, BCN has provided computerized planning that combines exact pension calculations (for any age, percentage or date) with deferred compensation projections, MOU provisions, survivor benefits, Social Security, post-retirement income, and more. Using state of the art technology, we provide interactive “what-if” analysis, adjusting critical variables like pay increases, tax rates, investment returns, retirement dates, income needs, etc. BCN provides each member with a printed report, combining all sources of benefits into a single, comprehensive plan.

Because of this service, members know exactly what to expect financially upon retirement, disability or death – before something happens. Your members see when they can afford to retire and exactly what steps they must take to get there. This is an invaluable level of planning – a service every member should take advantage of – whether they’re newly hired or just a few months away from retirement.

Extensive & Ongoing

Every BCN service begins with the understanding that the very worst time to learn about your benefits is after a claim.

When a claim occurs, you and your family should be able to turn to someone you know well... someone you've worked with often... who is more than well-meaning... who also has years of knowledge and experience in exactly these areas.

At BCN, we know what works and what doesn't because we have seen it before. Each year we assist with over 200 retirements, 50 death claims, and 100 of the most serious disability claims. We know of no other organization that can provide our level of knowledge, experience and objectivity – at any price.

BCN provides extensive and ongoing financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. We offer a comprehensive and continuous source of answers (based on years of experience, not guesswork) that will prepare your members before something happens.

We hope you appreciate the level of information and service