Required Savings (Scenario Comparison).

The myriad of variables and “what-ifs” can make retirement planning quite daunting – but here we reduce your objective to the basic elements: Over and above your pension, how much additional INCOME will you need AND what amount of investment SAVINGS must you achieve (and sustain) to secure a comfortable retirement.

Required Savings (Scenario Variables).

You can adjust 10 separate variables to build your retirement Scenarios (the x indicates different values). Scenarios DO NOT predict the future. The aim is to create a model where all of the variables (assumptions about the future) are realistic and attainable.

Consider this to be your target scenario – the one you consider most realistic and attainable. Note how the level of investment savings must continue to grow throughout your retirement (to maintain a CONSTANT standard of living vs. inflation). Remember that the income shown is the amount required in ADDITION to your pension.

Consider this to be your ideal scenario – perhaps with an earlier retirement date, higher level of retirement income or greater margin of safety (achieved by lowering the projected investment returns or increasing the projected rate of inflation).