• Set your optimum retirement date and plan accordingly.
  • Make irrevocable elections and “first and final” decisions with confidence.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of delayed or lost benefits.
  • Know if and when to buy-back military or prior service time.
  • Plan for taxes, inflation and volatile markets now and down the road.
  • Understand the impact of divorce and how the “rules” affect your pension.
  • Take back control over your investments and stop planning in pieces.


  • Would you know if the retirement system made a mistake? How would you correct it?
  • Now that you can, does “rolling over” your 457 plan make sense?
  • Do you need a revocable living trust? Is the trust you already have protecting your assets?
  • Have you heard of 529 plans? Are they the best way to fund a college education?
  • What are “customary daily duties?” How do they impact an Industrial retirement?
  • Do you want to struggle through a disability, death or retirement claim alone?
  • Would you rather work with BCN… with our 15 years of experience in exactly this area?


  • Interactive computerized planning without “foregone” conclusions.
  • Complete review of all employee benefits – not just “what you’re missing”.
  • Emphasis on tax-deferred savings inside 457, 401k, Roth – not inside life insurance.
  • Clear explanation of the worker’s compensation process, before you call an attorney.
  • Referrals to the best legal professionals in your area, based on years of tracking performance.
  • A very clear reason for every recommendation we make.

At BCN, we know what works and what doesn't because we have seen it before. Each year we assist with over 200 retirements, 50 death claims, and 100 of the most serious disability claims. We know of no other organization that can provide our level of knowledge, experience and objectivity – at any price.