Specific Products

BCN provides full financial, retirement and estate planning as part of our pre-paid service. To implement your plan, BCN may recommend financial products, specifically:

  • Securities: mutual funds and individual stocks.
  • Tax Deferred Plans: IRA, Roth IRA, annuities.
  • Life Insurance: level term and permanent.
  • Estate Planning: wills and trusts.
  • College Planning: 529 Plans, Coverdell ESA.
  • Long Term Care: insurance and asset protection.
  • Asset Management: the BCN Advantage.

Financial products are always voluntary. BCN services are pre-paid through your Association dues and are never contingent upon your purchase of a product.

Eliminate the Gaps

By working so closely with your membership, BCN attains a thorough knowledge of your existing employee benefits and can then design your personal programs to fit precisely. Know your benefits – so you don't pay for something your employer already provides. But make every effort to eliminate the gaps in your coverage.

... We've helped with hundreds of retirement, disability and death claims – so our knowledge comes from first-hand experience. We recommend what's best for our clients – even if it's something we don't sell. And we explain the reasons why – clearly and objectively ...

Independence and Research

BCN must be independent, without ties to any single investment firm or insurance company. Our objective always is to avoid the narrowness that seems all too common in this industry, and to retain the freedom to provide our clients with the most competitive financial and insurance products available.

  • Our independence puts us in control of the products we offer.
  • BCN continues to research hundreds of companies annually before recommending the products we use.
  • BCN works only with companies that meet or exceed our high standard of financial strength and product excellence.
  • BCN turns our commissions into better and expanded services for Association members.
  • As a result we can provide an incredible range of services, information and benefits in a manner affordable to every member.

BCN Financial Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor in California

Securities provided through Crown Capital. Member FINRA, SIPC