Is It Right for Me?

You have thousands of dollars at stake: You invest all of your money in growth stock funds? You are steadfast in your determination to "buy & hold"? Know anyone who fits this description? Among thousands of BCN clients, we sure don't. And it's high time we did something about it.

They Say It Can’t Be Done

When “modern” portfolio theory was developed in the 1950s, only the major brokerage houses and Wall Street bankers had access to objective, accurate, timely information. In the absence of such information, it is impossible to make informed investment decisions.

More Than Market Timing

Three major objectives...FIRST we carefully assess your investment risk...SECOND we provide research, analysis and constant review of the investment choices available...THIRD we provide realistic market timing by carrying out the costly and time-consuming research that has to be done if you have any chance of reacting quickly to changes in the market trend.

Can This Really Make a Difference?

In the absence of accurate, TIMELY information, making good investment decisions is impossible. The only defense is to make NO decision – which is really what passive buy & hold investing has become. Today quality information is available – and those who devote themselves to understanding and APPLYING that information gain substantial advantage.