Investor Profile?

You have thousands of dollars at stake: You invest all of your money in growth stock funds? You are steadfast in your determination to "buy & hold"? You never worry about rising interest rates, threats of recession or inflation, the next stock market crash? You are unconcerned about when to sell, or the right time to buy? You sleep soundly at night? Know anyone who fits this description? Among thousands of BCN clients, we sure don't. And it's high time we did something about it.

Worry is Warranted...

Just about everyone who has money in the stock market worries. Anyone who has ever watched their account fall by hundreds of dollars in a single day knows why. Gains are exhilarating, but it's the sudden sharp losses we can't stomach. And over time, the uncertainty of the next big "correction" just wears you down. So what if you could invest the way you want (and know you should), but without the worry? What if you could keep most of your tax-deferred money invested for growth - nearly all the time - and still sleep soundly at night?

DCA is Not Enough

Having the discipline and resolve to invest consistent amounts over long periods of time is the best way we know to build a retirement account. Unfortunately, the impact of dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) declines as your account value grows. Even maximum allowable contributions can't offset a serious market decline: not when your account is already worth $100,000 or more. DCA can protect you sufficiently in the early years of retirement savings. But once ongoing contributions fall below 10% of your account value (a good general rule), it's time for active management.

True Investment Gains...

Peace of mind ... not having to worrying about the devastating losses from "declines," "corrections," "crashes" ... changes behavior. Investors stop "hedging their bets" with 1/2 cash, 1/2 stocks (or worse), and start investing most of their money for growth ... most of the time. Anyone who worries about their investments, or avoids the worry by avoiding growth mutual funds, needs the BCN Advantage.


The Case for Active Management

Start investing most of your money for growth ... most of the time, and stop "hedging" by keeping too much of your account in "safe" money market funds.

Eliminate "savings inertia" - the failure to consistently update your tax-deferred plans when the fund selection (or fund performance) changes. But...

Do more than move in and out of the market (the "when"). Know "how" by using professional research and management to choose the best mutual funds available - designed to meet your investment objectives.

Take full advantage of the tremendous benefit of tax-deferred savings: your ability to move to safety without incurring capital gains. Just remember...

When markets are "too high" it's easy to sell, but when the decline is over it's tough to buy. Now you'll have a clear plan for returning large cash positions to growth mutual funds.

And finally... don't "plan in pieces." BCN will manage all your tax-deferred plans for one low fixed fee (NOT the excessive 1% - 2% that others charge) - so you won't "end up in pieces."