Three Major Objectives...

FIRST we carefully assess your investment risk – not only your willingness to take on risk – but whether it’s necessary to do so. Through our benefits reviews and financial planning, we coordinate the BCN Advantage with your goals, your time-frames, and knowledge of what it’s really going to take to achieve your financial objectives.

SECOND we provide research, analysis and constant review of the investment choices available through your existing deferred compensation plan, 401k, IRA, and other tax-deferred investments. You typically don’t have to move your investments to gain access to this service, one of many things that makes this so practical and effective for our clients.

THIRD we provide realistic market timing – this is not an attempt to call exact tops and bottoms in the market, that’s impossible – instead we carry out the costly and time-consuming research that has to be done if you have any chance of reacting quickly to changes in the market trend.

One Comprehensive Service:

We pass this research through to our clients at a fraction of the time and cost it takes to do it yourself. The result is very specific recommendations, tailored to your individual situation. There is nothing general about this service. We tell you exactly how much of your money should be invested in exactly which funds, based on your risks levels, your available fund choices, and prevailing market conditions.

So ask yourself “Why do I need this service?” “Why now?” The BCN Advantage came about because so many of our clients asked for it. Some of our clients are retired. They have things they’d rather do than watch the market. Other clients are approaching retirement. They’re looking to hand over the reins, but they want an established relationship and a proven track record before they do so. Many of our clients are years from retirement, but they lack the time necessary to do this job well. They all have one thing in common: the sense of responsibility that comes from the ever-increasing size of their investments. Maybe it was fun when there were only a few thousands dollars to invest. But you’re years into it now… your accounts have grown, and now it’s serious business.


Good analysis can tell you when the market is overpriced, but not the precise moment a decline will occur. In 1999, while others worried about the international currency crisis, Fed rate hikes,Y2K – while they stayed on the sidelines predicting a decline – our clients enjoyed one of best years in market history.

But we were ready for the first sign of trouble and moved heavily to cash in the first week of 2000. Was it the exact top? No... the NASDAQ continued to advance for another six weeks. But then it began its 80% freefall.

Staying ahead of the crowd isn’t limited to the ups and downs in the market. A few years ago, S&P 500 Index funds were outperforming everything else. If you left your money there, you missed the enormous gains from technology, biotech and the Internet.

In recent years, growth investors have prevailed. Eventually, value investors (those 
who buy real companies with real products and earnings) will make a comeback. 
We want our clients to benefit from that trend. And ask yourself: will stocks 
always outperform bonds? Of course not, and we want our clients properly positioned 
when that shift comes.