Five Years by Quarter (Impact of Pay Raises).

Retirement planning BEGINS by targeting your retirement date. Here we provide 5 years of pension estimates (by quarter) and factor in the impact of pay raises. Note how the 0.00% BASELINE provides important perspective: If 3.00% pay raises stay even with the cost-of-living (inflation) - then retiring at age 54.81 (11.26 years from now) on $6,584.08 / month is the same as retiring today on $4,718.88 / month.


Total Service Credit (Richard Sample - Service Retirement).

Here you see the value of working additional years. The chart shows year-over-year increases in your MONTHLY pension income.

Before choosing your retirement date, look at the numbers in different ways. Here you see the cumulative value of working additional years. Once we know your target date (and the TIME remaining) we can plan the steps to reach your real GOAL: a comfortable retirement.