Make sure all your beneficiary designations are current. The following is a list of benefits that may require an update, especially if you have married or divorced since you were hired by your present employer.

Employer Insurance – If the employer provides life insurance you can change the beneficiary through the employer.

Final Pay Check – Some employers require that you designate a beneficiary for your final pay check if you die while an active employee. Please check with your employer and if they require such a designation update your beneficiary.

Retirement System – Make sure your beneficiaries are updated.

Association/Union – If your Association/Union provides additional supplemental insurance please ask the Treasurer for a beneficiary change form.

Long Term Disability – This benefit can be through the Association/Union or in rare instances through the employer.

PORAC/CSFA – Your Association/Union may belong to a State Organization that may provide automatic insurance or AD&D. Please check with your Treasurer to see if there is any additional coverage.

Bank Accounts, Credit Unions – You may have a savings account through your bank or credit Union that may have a beneficiary designation on the account.

Long Term Care Insurance – Some LTC policies have a death benefit.

Personal Life Insurance - Make sure your beneficiaries are updated.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) or Roth IRA’s - Make sure your beneficiaries are updated.

Annuities - Make sure your beneficiaries are updated.

57 Deferred Compensation, 401k’s, 401(a)’s, 403(b)’s - Make sure your beneficiaries are updated.

It is very important to keep these records updated. Especially now in light of the new beneficiary rules for the Public Safety Officer Death Benefit from the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice pays this benefit to beneficiaries in the following order:

  • Spouse
  • Children 18 or younger, or 19-22 if full time students
  • Beneficiary of your most recently executed life insurance policy
  • Parents